OPAK Programs

We run three unique themed in-school and after school programs.


Plankton & Plastics 

Discover a world beyond our own by gazing into the mysterious world of plankton! In this workshop, students will be able to identify common types of plankton and describe their importance to the marine food web. Small plastic particles called micro-plastics are a threat to many species of plankton. Students will participate in a creative advocacy project that will help protect our ocean from plastic pollution.

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Songs of the Sea

Music is everywhere. Even in the sea! This interactive workshop explores the connection between music and nature both on land and in the sea. Students will participate in a scientific study of whales, their diets, and how they communicate! After becoming whale experts, students will discuss how music can be a form of environmental advocacy. Using inspiration from musicians of the past and present, students will create a music project of their very own!

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Marsh Critters

Some are creepy, some are crawly, some are just plain cool! From prehistoric horseshoe crabs to slimy eels, students will engage in science experiments and activities that involve the ecology of local marshes in Massachusetts. Marshes provide a nursery for many marine creatures and are in need of protection. Students will create their own action plan to protect the amazing critters of the marsh.