Other OPAK Programming Opportunities

"The greatest discoveries all start with the question 'Why?'"

-Robert Ballard 


After School Workshops 

Do you really want to bring OPAK to your school, but cannot fit us into the schedule?  That okay! We offer all of our classroom workshops as after school workshops, too! 


Horseshoe Crab Lessons 

Horseshoe crabs have roamed the planet for millions of years and have an amazing story to tell. It is time for us to listen! Join OPAK for a tale about these incredible creatures and how they have adapted as the oceans have changed around them. 
Students will be able to: 
•    Identify the anatomy of horseshoe crabs
•    Describe the life cycle of horseshoe crabs
•    Understand the importance of horseshoe crabs in our everyday lives
•    Discuss the role that horseshoe crabs have played in major marine policy cases
•    Brainstorm ideas for horseshoe crab awareness
•    Recognize the role humans have played in altering the global carbon cycle and how that has impacted horseshoe crabs
•    Discover simple ways to promote ocean advocacy across local, state and national boundaries


Field Trip Based Workshops

Do you want to get your students out of the classroom to do hands on science? OPAK can teach all of its workshops as a field trip based program. For example, we can bring students on a whale watch for our Songs of the Sea Workshop and actually observe the whales we are learning about, or students can do their own plankton tows for our Plankton & Plastics Workshops. 


Beach Cleanups 

Do your students want to do more than just talk about helping the ocean? We have the answer! OPAK can work with you and your students to organize a classroom and/or community beach clean up. This is a great opportunity for students to participate in our Plankton & Plastics Workshop, too. 


Private Lessons 

Does your child love exploring? So do we! Sign them up for a private OPAK lesson so they can channel their inner explorer with us! 


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