OPAK Programming

"With the rapidly changing climate of our globe and our oceans, it is crucial now more than ever to inspire and educate future generations to become strong environmental leaders."

-Melanie Colby, OPAK Co-Founder


A quick look at Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids, Inc. (OPAK) mission, programs and founders! Film produced by Animal Welfare Media. Cape Cod Drone Footage is from Hawk Visuals. Funding by Lush Cosmetics.

Ocean Protection Advocacy kids, Inc. (OPAK) offers an array of educational programming for middle and high school students across Southeastern Massachusetts. It is our mission to empower youth to become curious ambassadors for the environment through the arts. Thus, all of our programs go beyond teaching just marine science and focus on projects that get our students thinking about how to be advocates for the ocean. It is our goal to keep our programming at the lowest cost possible so that everyone has the same opportunity to think critically about the marine environment. We are proud of what we do and hope that we can share our lessons with you! 

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