Here are some our recent program highlights so you can explore how we get students to become curious! 

The Partnership School of Cape Cod

We ran our Plankton and Plastics in-school program with a strong emphasis on water quality for this elementary school in Orleans, MA. Students ran various water quality experiments on a water sample from Town Cove (a local estuary) and submitted their results to the EarthEco Water Challenge! After taking their lab coats off the students put on their smocks and designed their own plankton to help advocate for the ocean.  The morning was full off marine science, art and advocacy!

Thacher Montessori

We ran a five week after school program at the Thacher Montessori school in Milton, MA in late fall of 2016. The program focused on Plankton, Plastics and the Power of Music! Students created their own estuary in a jar, wrote their own song and got to look at microfibers under a microscope. Ages ranged from 6-10.