OPAK Rates


We strive to keep our programming costs at the absolute lowest we can but, we do need to pay our educators, purchase supplies and invest in future programming. Below are a few of the standard packages we have. However, we are always willing to discuss other options! 


45 minute to 90 minute workshops

These short introductory workshops act as a great stepping stone for educators to introduce their students to marine science and advocacy in their local community. These programs are meant to be an introduction into Ocean Advocacy. Each workshop includes a science experiment, an art project and a discussion about the importance of communication of ideas. These are offered as both in-school and after school programs! Field trips are an option in some cases.

Price:  $150 per session (based on a class of 20; around $7/student)

These workshops have a 10 student minimum and 25 student maximum per session. 


Make your own PROGRAM 

Don't see something that fits with your current schedule?  Contact us to see if we can make something work! 

Price:  TBD

Please contact us if you cannot pay to see if we have other options available at this time! 


Multi-Day Programs 

Multi-day programs are our favorite way to engage with students because we can really dig into what advocacy is and how everyone can be a great communicator. These programs usually consist of four 45-60 minutes workshops. The workshops can be one of our themes or all of them! Multiple days also allows us to schedule field trips and plan out longer art projects (maybe a mural in the classroom or TV Show!). 

Price:  Varies by Program: Please contact Jeffrey Morgan, Executive Director at jmorgan@opakedu.org