OPAK Summer 2018 Science Day Programs

OPAK's summer programs are designed to get kids (ages 9-13) engaged with marine science through art and advocacy workshops; two mediums that are often forgotten. Most of our summer programs include field trips, all include an art project, science experiments and a lesson on advocacy. This summer we are offering both single and multi-day programs thus, prices and locations of pickup and drop off vary by individual programs (most will be in the Chatham Area). 

Programs are listed below in chronological order. Don't forget to check out our great packages at the bottom! 


Feeling Shell-fish 

Every seashell has a story! Ever wonder what used to live in those beautiful shells you find on the beach or on your plate? In this workshop, participants will discover what stories a shell can tell. Shellfish are a crucial part of Cape Cod’s marine ecosystems. Join us on a mission to learn how to nurture these fascinating animals. This trip includes a visit to and a tour of the Chatham Shellfish Company!

Date:  Wed. July 25th  Price:  $42.00   Time:  9:00-1:00pm


Marsh Critters 

Some are creepy, some are crawly, some are just plain cool! From prehistoric horseshoe crabs to slimy eels, get up close with science experiments and activities that involve the ecology of local marshes on Cape Cod. Marshes provide a nursery for many marine creatures and are in need of protection. Participants will create their own action plan to protect the amazing critters of the marsh they visit!

Date:  Thurs. July 26th  Price:  $42.00  Time:  TBD, dependent on low tide


Jr. Ocean Detectives 

Each drop of ocean water can tell us a lot!  Join us for an afternoon discovering the microscopic world of plankton through a marine scavenger hunt. Each student will conduct numerous ocean chemistry experiments and have an opportunity to use microscopes, catch their own plankton and even record their data in an international database (all out in the field!). In addition, we will spend time building our own plankton to help us learn the anatomy of these fascinating creatures. The day will conclude with a pledge to protect the whole marine food web. 

Date:  Wed. August 1st  Price:  $52.00  Time:  9:00-2:30pm


A Seal's Life  

Seals are much more than Shark Food. This workshop will uncover the mystery behind our furry friends. Learn how to distinguish pinnipeds from each other while investigating their molting patterns, habitat, diet and population size all through a series of interactive games and activities. The day will include a trip to a seal haul out with a local seal scientist so that students can see the local seals up close. To wrap things up we will get a lesson on landscape art and how to use it to promote ocean advocacy. 

Date:  Thurs. Aug 2nd  Price:  $58.00  Time:  TBD, dependent on low tide


A Whale of a Time:  THREE DAYS OF WHALES!

Music is everywhere. Even in the sea! This interactive 3 day workshop explores the connection between music and nature both on land and in the sea. Students will participate in a scientific study of whales, their diets, and how they communicate! We will even get out on the ocean for a real whale watch field trip! After becoming whale experts, using inspiration from musicians of the past and present, students will create a music project of their very own!

Dates:  Tues. August 7th-Thurs. August 9th   Price:  $142.00 

Time:  Day 1&3:  9:00-12:00pm  Day 2 (whale watch):  9:00-5:00pm


Planet Ocean 101:  TWO DAYS IN A STUDIO! 

Join the cast and crew of Planet Ocean 101 at the Cape Cod Community Media Center! In this two day workshop, participants will participate in ocean science activities and film their very own show! Get involved in informing the Cape Cod community about the biggest challenges our oceans face today.

Date:  Wed. August 15th-Thurs. August 16th  Price:  $105.00  Time:  9:00-1:00pm

Location:  Cape Cod Community Media Center


Summer 2018 Packages!

Marine Megafauna Workshop:  $220 (12% OFF original price)

Includes Jr. Ocean Detectives, A Seal's Life, and A Whale of a Time!

OPAK Jr. Ambassador:  $350 (20% OFF original price) 

Includes all 9 days of programming! 

Locals Discount:  5% off any single day program

Applies to ALL students from Pleasant Bay Watershed (Chatham, Harwich, Brewster, Orleans); excludes Marine Megafauna Workshop. Email jmorgan@opakedu.org for the discount code!