Summer 2019 Workshops

The OPAK Team is working hard to put together its public workshops for Summer 2019. If you are interested in a particular workshop that we have run in the past or would like to book your own private OPAK Workshop please contact us

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Group Workshops

New for Summer 2019: OPAK is offering private ocean workshops for day camps, overnight camps, community centers and more.

OPAK is now offering both field trip and classroom based programming for day Camps overnight camps, community centers and More! Leave the planning to us! Each workshop has a fun ocean theme!

Field Trip Based:

Jr. Ocean Detectives (4 hours)

Each drop of ocean water can tell us a lot! Join us to discover the microscopic world of plankton through a marine scavenger hunt. Each student will conduct numerous ocean chemistry experiments and have an opportunity to use microscopes, catch their own plankton and even record their data in an international database (all out in the field!). This exciting adventure will finish with an ocean-themed art project!

Songs of the Sea (4-7 hours, dependent on field trip)

Music is everywhere. Even in the sea! This interactive workshop explores the connection between music and nature both on land and in the sea. Students will participate in a scientific study of whales, their diets, and how they communicate! We might even get out on the ocean for a real whale watch field trip! After becoming whale experts, using inspiration from musicians of the past and present, students will create a music project of their very own!

Email Jeffrey Morgan at for pricing information.

Classroom Based:

Plankton & Plastics (90 minutes)

Plastic's permanent and abundant presence in our oceans has become a major research topic across many fields. However, not everyone realizes that plastic is harmful across the entire marine food web. This workshop will illustrate how plastic has infiltrated the planktonic marine environment, introduce what plankton are and show students easy ways they can protect the ocean.

Email Jeffrey Morgan at for pricing information.


Below are some highlights from our Public Summer 2018 Workshops!


A Seal's Life Workshop (Summer 2018)


A quick look at Summer 2018's A Whale of a Time Workshop!

Some highlights of OPAK's Summer 2018 A Whale of a Time Workshop! The song in the background was written by our students during the workshop.

Planet Ocean 101: 2 Days in a Studio (Summer 2018)


The first episode of Planet Ocean 101 News written and created by Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids, Inc. (OPAK) students. Filming and editing was done at the Cape Cod Community Media Center.